Audio Production Academy opened in 2009 and has since been active in central studios in Stockholm. Welcome to a complete, innovative and challenging education on AP Academy. We give you the opportunity and tools to create your own music, regardless of previous experience. Currently we have studios in Stockholm and Gothenburg and offer education in Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton Live and Songwriting.

We offer education on a personal level and always keep each individual student’s needs in mind. We do this by keeping the courses in a smaller scale, with fewer students and more space per student. We work on the basis of each student’s personal style in music. The program has a good balance between theoretical and practical training of our professional teachers with extensive experience in the industry. We put a lot of focus on keeping personal training and we will give the student an opportunity to develop at their own pace.

In the AP Academy, we study practical and technical music production in a creative and fun way!

If you want to know more about AP Academy and our courses, please send an e-mail to info@apacademy.se


#NEXTGENERATIONPRODUCERS stands for all who share the same dream of achieving their goals. It does not matter where you come from, how you grew up or how big your dreams are. You are one of the nextgenerationproducers if you want to inspire people and make a difference with your music. It does not matter what background you have, but it is you who think of music around the clock, you wake up thinking about creating music, and keep creating music until you fall asleep.
We acknowledge that the new generation of music creators are working under new conditions. It does not matter anymore who you are or where you come from, all you need is your creativity and your computer, in order to create masterpieces. You do not need live instruments or large studios with analog equipment, but you can now create everything ‘in the box’, in your computer. Instead of opposing this development, we are embracing it with open arms and allow our students to learn how to use their computer as a creative tool. To be one of the #nextgenerationproducers you don’t need more than a dream, a computer and an open mind.
#nextgenerationproducers – new generations, new possibilities.

Join the movement at www.nextgenerationproducers.com